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About the chef: Jyoti Khatri

Here is a story of an individual which every housewife may want to make true for herself. Jyoti Khatri is a homemaker, from a small city of Rajasthan, currently staying in Ahmedabad. Her qualifications are that of a teacher, BA, B.Ed, but her interests and actions are that of a budding master chef.

During her childhood, Mrs. Jyoti had an average life like any other girl would have. Her culinary skills had started to take shape only after her marriage. It was her mother in law who taught her cooking and it is some of her techniques which she even uses today. As she grew, so did her interests in trying to experiment with new and unique recipes. But all of this remains within the four walls of her kitchen.

After marriage, household responsibilities burdened her shoulders but her keen desire and her passion for cooking never died. She slowly started to explore different opportunities and avenues to display her culinary skills. Finally, with the help of her husband, Mr. Satish Khatri, the knowledge of her mother in law’s culinary skills, and few others in the family, she started her own YouTube channel and Facebook page in the name of KHATRI’S KITCHEN.

About Khatri’s Kitchen

Today Khatri’s Kitchen channel has crossed the Ten million mark. The website, channel and Facebook page contain tasty, healthy and a large variety of different types of recipes. Anybody can easily learn new recipes quickly and easily. It is suitable for people of all age groups who wish to learn cooking or just simply try out something out of the box. Most of the recipes are unique and specially curated by Mrs. Jyoti herself, by giving some new touch and twist to the existing traditional recipe. She is here to teach her viewers simple and practical recipes which carry the authenticity of the Indian vegetarian cooking.

For budding cooks and the cooks who are new to the Indian vegetarian cooking, the website has a combination of video tutorials along with written recipes which would make it easier to understand the fundamentals of cooking Indian dishes. Even experienced chefs can pick up new techniques which would make cooking easier and more interesting. Indian cooking is not as complicated as it is portrayed and Mrs. Jyoti will show creative variations that can be experimented with. Because half of the fun in cooking is all about experimenting.

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So go ahead and give it a try to some of the recipes on the website. The recipes are divided into various categories such as soups, starter, desserts, main course and many more exciting options.  Let us know what you think about our recipes or share with us your experience. We are eager to hear from you. You can connect with us at the following places.