Here we have recipe of Sponge Rasgulla which are very delicious and you can’t stop for eating.


• 1 Litre full cream milk
• Lemon Juice (2 Medium Size)
• 1 litre water for Chasni (Sugar Syrup)
• 200 gms Sugar
• 2 Cardamom

1. 1 ltr full cream milk and boil it
2. add lemon juice to make chhena
3. strain chhena to separate water
4. rinse chhena with cold water
5. mesh chhena upto 5 mins
6. make balls of chhena
7. for sugar syrup: boil 1 ltr water added with 200gms sugar and 2 cardamom
8. drop chhena balls into chasni / sugar syrup and boil approx for 15 mins
9. leave it to cool and refrigerate it
Now delicious rasgulla is ready to serve


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